Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Girl Crush

I recently discovered this girl band when I was browsing Cobrasnake's photos. I was captivated by their look first and then started listening to their music. I'm so happy to have found them because I was in dire need of a new girl band to listen to. The band is called "The Like" and it consists of four girls: Z Berg on the guitar and vocals, Tennessee Thomas on the drums, Laena Geronimo on the bass, and Annie Monroe on the organ. Their music is 60s style and so are their outfits. I love their sound, their look, and their clothes. Most of their lace numbers are from Lover, they are an Australian brand and you can find them here.

Z Berg

Laena Geronimo

Tennessee Thomas

Annie Monroe

Most of these photos are from Cobrasnake's photos at the Reading Festival, and a couple are from The Like's Facebook page.

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